COVID-19 Coronavirus makes for an ‘interesting’ Spring & Summer for Nannies, Families & Nanny Agencies!

Boris Johnson discussing Coronavirus impact in the UK
The UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, arriving at a coronavirus press conference. Photograph: Simon Dawson/PA for The Guardian.

We are all finding ourselves in situations of uncertainty and unfamiliarity since the evening of Monday 23rd March 2020, when Boris Johnson announced lock down measures brought about by COVID-19 Coronavirus that left the nanny industry in a state of shock. Once again, there has been a lack of recognition within the nanny industry overall and the necessary work that nannies do to support a family with their childcare needs went unmentioned in all of the government advice issued to workers. This left employers and nannies in turmoil and wondering whether work can continue – or does the mixing of households extend to domestic staff that work in households too? There has also been an element of confusion with the way the Government guidelines have been interpreted and understood. We have never watched as much news and read as much information on employment rights, legal guidance, HMRC guidance and government instructions in our entire careers!

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Seven Potential Pitfalls To Avoid When Hiring a Nanny

1. Lack of Communication – Setting a precedent for open and honest communication from the start is paramount in ensuring a happy and successful relationship is built with your Nanny. Any concerns that crop up at the beginning, particularly in the handover/trial period, need to be discussed so that a solution can be found and everyone starts off the position on the right foot. If this does not happen, concerns from either the Nanny or parent may grow and grow until one party wants to terminate the contract.

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